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Short Fiction

The other shoe.

A short story in which a witch builds a flesh rocket ship, Dante Alighieri comes back from the dead, and two friends have coffee. AR lvl 1.6.

The next big thing.

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Globs the Cannibal

Globs was a cannibal. He ate people.

The Escapists

A six-part series featuring The Escapists, people who are whisked away from reality to confront their inner demons in surreal settings.

AMERICAN FABLES is a collection of pieces authored by Zachary D. Turner. Here you can find The Escapists series, reviews, and other assorted works of fiction.

Also, a sincere thanks from the author who has lived a composite life built on the work of all the magnificent characters he ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Thank you Charlotte Costenoble, who did the site logo and other charcoal illustrations for the site. (if you’re interested in working with her, she can be reached at ch.costenoble@gmail.com)

And also a thanks to my sister and editor who is always very honest and reads whatever I send her, no matter how weird it is.

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Forest fires, hissing snakes and giant snails plague the imagination of this tormented protagonist. A surrealist portrait of isolation and its effects on the mind, A Trip Down Memory Lane chronicles the recovery of a young man, the second Escapist, after the death of a close friend.

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