First Scene for Kill The Writer

A scene; two people; a woman and a boy; they stand in a room with white walls; that’s the set.

A prop; it’s a manuscript; the woman reads the title; cue scene.

[Woman] : Kill The Writer? That’s provocative. It begs the question of… why? Why kill the writer? What has he done? Who wants to kill him? Does he deserve to die?

Kill The Writer? I’d read it.

Yeah, I’d probably read it.

Some directions; the woman turns some pages; the boy sips the juice.

A prop; the juice; it is sipped upon; the boy sips upon the juice.

Cue dialogue.

[Woman] : So what’s their name? The writer, what’s their name?

They haven’t got one? What do you mean they haven’t got… how could they not have a name?

More directions; juice is sipped; woman reads; set change.

Set; the walls will now be blue; they are no longer white.

[Woman] : So we’ve got a writer, without a name, and someone wants to kill them?

Do we even know if they’re a good writer? I mean, what if they’re a shit writer?

What do you mean it doesn’t matter if they’re good or not? Are you saying that this novel challenges the way we think of good and bad, what’s right and wrong, defies our notion of this social construction and of our every day reality through a series of simply constructed linear arguments vis a vis a humorous allegory?

Well shit. That’s intrigue.

Stage direction; drop the juice.

Cue story.

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