Chapter 10

A lyric poem,
in the style of
Finn the Human.
Hit it.

Trekking through the desert,
With my lorn convoy
No food, no water
I’m a worn-out boy,

When I first came here
It was just me and FT
We got a little boat
And sailed out to sea

I dove real deep
And saw lots of things
Like fish, and sharks
And monsters that sing

I unplugged the ocean
And fell through a hole
Met a cool Zebra
And ate a lump of coal

Then I opened a door
And saw an old friend
Stabbed him in the back
And that was the end

Of that

Then I walked through a portal,
And now I’m here
Been walking for weeks
Hope the end is near

If I ever meet soul
I know what I’ll say
My name is Henry
And I’m wasting away


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