Shore Bound Gramophone

(A farewell to Memory Lane) There is no degree of sorrow that can completely overshadow the beauty of the stars. When I awoke that night, I was still laying on the pavement in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Memory Lane was just as it had been this morning, just as cold and unwelcoming. My suit … Continue reading Shore Bound Gramophone


You can’t be serious. NO. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING AGAIN. I was back. Back on Memory Lane. The door that I’d just come from was the front door of (hell) Mailman’s house. I screamed. GODDAMMIT                                   WHY? HELP and slammed … Continue reading Mail


As we walked through the tunnel, I started to notice little lights along the wall (snakes, they’re winding and twisting (hissssss), weaving and turning (hisssssss).) I wondered at what they might be (They’re coming for me (hisssssss). I can hear them). The (impossible) Child didn’t seem to notice; rather he continued on down the tunnel … Continue reading Youth